<![CDATA[evaspendant.com - News]]>Tue, 07 Jul 2020 10:30:16 +0100Weebly<![CDATA['Holocaust survivor's gold pendant is lost at heathrow' - story in the daily mail online]]>Sat, 04 Jul 2020 17:18:48 GMThttp://evaspendant.com/news/holocaust-survivors-gold-pendant-is-lost-at-heathrow-story-in-the-daily-mail-online
Our story has appeared in the Daily Mail online today.  A few small factual errors but good to see it there.  Read the article here.
<![CDATA[Story runs in the Express 3/7/20]]>Sat, 04 Jul 2020 17:17:26 GMThttp://evaspendant.com/news/story-runs-in-the-express-3720Thanks to journalist Michael Havis for writing up and circulating the story to the national press.  Read the article here.
<![CDATA[Parcelforce informs journalist they cannot locate the pendant and offer donation to holocaust memorial charity of our choice]]>Wed, 01 Jul 2020 14:04:56 GMThttp://evaspendant.com/news/parcelforce-informs-journalist-they-cannot-locate-the-pendant-and-offer-donation-to-holocaust-memorial-charity-of-our-choiceJournalist Mathilde Frot, author of yesterday's article in Jewish News, has been in touch with Parcelforce, to see if the newspaper's interest might provoke another search.

Parcelforce have responded today to confirm that they cannot locate the package.  They have said they would like to provide us with a "goodwill gesture" and donate money to a Holocaust memorial charity of our choice, so we will follow that up with them.

However, it is disappointing news, and we're still hoping for a miracle.  If anyone has ideas with regards to the journey a stolen item of this sort (i.e. gold) might take, to help us redirect our search, so let me know.]]>
<![CDATA['Heirloom that survived Nazi and communist rule lost amid lockdown' - article in the Jewish News]]>Mon, 29 Jun 2020 21:42:51 GMThttp://evaspendant.com/news/heirloom-that-survived-nazi-and-communist-rule-lost-amid-lockdown-article-in-the-jewish-news8651139Today, Jewish News published their article on the lost pendant on their website, with the print version to follow this Thursday.
You can read the article here: 'Heirloom that survived Nazi and communist rule lost amid lockdown'.  Thanks to Mathilde Frot for her article, and attempts to help locate the necklace.